Business people who we approach as prospective clients are often hesitant to talk with us about helping them. They always tell us, “we’re fine”.

Under the rockSometimes the root source of this attitude is a fear of what is “under the rock” (i.e. “what will they find?”, “what will it mean?”, “What will that cost?”, “Do we have to fire our existing guy and go through the challenge of transitioning to someone unknown”, etc.) In other words, sometimes people have a strong sense that they have issues that should be dealt with, but prefer to avoid the topic because they feel having to deal with this is scarier than the actual issues themselves.

This hesitation can be compounded by the fact many business professionals feel insecure about their own understanding of technology. In their head, they are worried about inviting us in to have a look under their hood and exposing what they feel are truly embarrassing inadequacies in this area.

Of course, these are just common misconceptions. We get it.

First, Smart Dolphins exists because of the complexity of technology. Just like you need the specialized expertise of an accountant and lawyer, you need technical talent to be truly successful in almost any industry. If all business leaders were technology experts, we’d be out of business. Invite us in and we can lead. We get it.

Second, Smart Dolphins exists to improve other businesses. If we can’t improve the situation for a particular company, they will not be a client. Or if we can help by simply arming business decision makers with a better understanding of their technology and their current provider, that is great too! In other words, aside from a little time, there is no down side for business people to meet with us. It is all good. We get it.

Lastly, Smart Dolphins has helped hundreds of companies over the years and we have become very good at “onboarding” new clients. It’s simple to become a Smart Dolphins client. We get it.

We know it is scary to look under the rock. Let’s take a look, anyway. We get it.