Paul JohnsonExciting news in the hallways of Smart Dolphins today: Paul Johnson was voted on to the VIATeC board of directors last night at the AGM!

Paul came to me a few weeks ago and told me that he really wanted to get out there and get even more involved in the community. He already has a number of things that keep him very active in the community, but he was really looking to make a major impact: He wanted to join a board for a major local community organization. There are lots of great opportunities to do that, but I immediately suggested VIATeC. Smart Dolphins is a very active members of VIATeC (we won the VIATeC Member of the Year award in 2008) and strong believers in what they are doing for both the tech sector and the region as a whole. I also knew the AGM was just around the corner.

I didn’t tell him this at the time, but getting on the VIATeC board is no easy feat; there are only seven seats up for grabs each year and most years most of the incumbents try to grab those again. Not to suggest Paul isn’t worthy of this position, only that he isn’t as well known in the community (yet) and he might not have the popularity of some of the high-profile executives that typically compete for these seven seats. Long story short, Paul must have impressed enough people as he was elected. I’m not surprised.

I asked Paul to explain why he has volunteered for the VIATeC Board:

I coach Youth Softball and Soccer and that keeps me busy away from work. Since I’ve started with Smart Dolphins, I’ve joined the VIATeC Sales Management Roundtable; VIATeC Product Manager/Marketing Roundtable and put my name forth as a mentor for Junior Achievement of British Columbia. But, I still felt I had enough room to add more.

I have a lot of previous experience working with not-for-profit organizations and I missed having that element in my life. I have benefited a lot from the personal growth and empowerment comes from volunteering within the Victoria community. My background is primarily business development in the construction industry so I want to become more engaged with the technology community, its members and its direction. Most of all, I know that VIATeC can benefit from my experience and energy and I’m excited to make a difference. I’m looking forward to my new position on the Board of Directors for VIATeC.

Congrats Paul! We’re proud to call you a Dolphin!