Banner from Pacific Legal Technology Conference

Last Friday Dave and I had the privilege to head over to Vancouver and take in the Pacific Legal Technology Conference. Someone we have met over the summer at a local law firm asked if we had heard of the conference to which we both shook our heads. After reading the program for the conference the next question was, who is going to go!

Dave and I were both really excited about the opportunity to learn more about the legal realm and we both felt this would be a great way to strengthen our understandings.

The conference was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre WEST on the second and third levels. There was a section for vendors to show their different technologies, a lot of coffee and tea and even more people attached to law in some way or another. We met lawyers, people that worked in different law based library’s and a couple other people like us… just there to learn more.

At lunch it was time for a keynote speech from Chas Rampenthal, Vice President of Product Development and General Counsel, This was an entertaining talk that had the room buzzing regarding the topics he covered. Can law be served out a la Coscto style? You’ll have to check out to find out.

Dave and I went to completely separate tracks so as to cover as much material as possible. And cover material we did. I learned so much about The Paperless Law Office that at the end of the conference I wanted to head back to Smart Dolphins and start to implement it for ourselves NOW!

Which leads me to the main point of this post.

Whenever conferences come up we always hum and ha about whether or not to go. Normally we end up going, and never have we regretted it. This conference was no exception. We went to learn, not to sell and with that in mind, the conference paid for itself. I now know what I can and can’t help our law customers with in terms of paperless office, hosting data in the US and small things like tips to help organize their email better. Moreover, I learned a lot that I can use at Smart Dolphins to help make me and my fellow Pod mates lives better. Lastly, I received a nice shot in the arm of energy to help keep passion alive. I mean lets be honest, passion wanes far too easily and things like this conference really help give you a boost when you seem to need it.

For those of you on Twitter, you can search for the hash tag #PLTC2011 and see what people were saying during the conference. Interesting stuff! Also, take a look at the program on the website to see what topics were covered. I would highly recommend going to the next PLTC if you haven’t had the chance to go yet.

Thank you #PLTC2011!  I cant wait to come back again in 2 years and learn even more.