One of the most challenging times for an IT business like ours is when we sign a new client—this transition is known as onboarding in the managed service industry. There are documents to sign, people to meet, tools and services to deploy, and then of course, there’s the client’s technology.

Our Onboarding process enables us to clearly identify all of your support requirements and gather the information required for us to deliver our managed IT services.


This process involves almost every facet of your business, and it is critical, but why?

  • Consistency. Every single one of our clients has their antivirus, antispam, and backup setup the exact same way. Their networking equipment is photographed (for our remote team), and every network is well-documented. Our billing is setup correctly from the start. Our tools are deployed so that we can remotely support, monitor, and manage our customer’s networks. By going through a well-defined process, we ensure that nothing ever gets missed.


  • Start Well. There is never a second chance to make a first impression. I hate clichés, but they exist for a reason! Our Onboarding Process gives us a great opportunity to impress our new customers and it can really set the tone for our future relationship with them.


  • Avoid Problems. Failing to onboard well has the opposite effect. It is very difficult to recover from a rocky start, and I’ll admit that we have had some very rocky starts in the past. We didn’t always prioritize the Onboarding Process as much as we do now, because we weren’t valuing it enough. This has cost us time, money, and even the occasional customer. That said, every company hits speed bumps along the way and we wouldn’t have such a great onboarding process today if we hadn’t made those mistakes and learned from them. The thing that I love most about our company is the constant desire to improve; from everybody that works here.

Today, I know that we have the best Onboarding Processes in the local BC IT industry, and its value cannot be overstated. Get in touch and let us prove this to you and your organization.