We’re doing a bit of a shuffle here at Smart Dolphins (it’s kinda secretive at the moment, but it’s “all good”) and with this, we’re needing to once again find ourselves a new member of the Pod. I’m hoping that one of our fine friends who frequent our blog will know someone who will be an ideal fit.

We’re looking for all the usual grand qualities that we like in a Smart Dolphin. We’re also looking for a few key talents:
1. Someone who has excellent organizational skills
2. Someone who has top notch people skills
3. Someone who has a good tech foundation (but not an ultra-geek)

The full details on the career opportunity can be found here.

Who do you know that might be a good fit? Who do you know that might know someone else who might be a good fit? I would be very grateful for any recommendations. If you know of someone, let them know that I prefer to have people interested in the position contact me (250-721-2499) directly and bring their resume down to our office. Thanks in advance for your help!

Have a great August weekend!