I had a “big wig” come by our office a few weeks ago and as I was seeing him off, I was suddenly very aware of a number of blemishes in the appearance of our office. We don’t have a lot of people come to our office (we primarily go to our clients) so the look of our office has always seemed secondary. We did a renovation last year and it has always seemed “nice enough”, but it occurred to me that the blemishes could easily have been dealt with if we had just spent a few minutes dealing with them.

I brought this thought to The Pod and suggested that we each try to do one little thing each day to make our office a better place. Everyone agreed. So we decided to incorporate, “What did you do for the office yesterday” into our daily meeting. I think this has been incredibly successful. I could still find a blemish or two if I really looked, but our environment is a lot sharper. Moreover, I think there is a secondary (or perhaps primary) benefit of a strong sense of ownership and teamwork with each person.

The key to making this REALLY work was to go beyond talking about it. Bringing the accountability to it by asking everyone to report to the group what they did the day before made this a REAL commitment. Each day, each of us knew we had to face the group with our results, or a lack of, and that is a powerful force.

But most importantly, I think it showed everyone that doing just a little extra, consistently, over a long enough period of time can create a big change and a lot of momentum. This can obviously apply to any area in life that we put our attention to.