So many representatives of organizations we meet with have no idea what their IT costs are. Without a clear understanding of annual IT costs, how can a business create a budget for the coming year?

Common IT costs:IT Budget

  • IT support
  • Downtime (lost productivity)
  • Data recovery
  • Hardware and software upgrades

Downtime can be the result of deteriorating computer performance. A five-year-old PC costs twice as much to maintain as a new one.

Overspending on IT is a common problem. Many organizations have more than one backup system because the first one wasn’t right or there was a lack of confidence in the first solution. Or perhaps a server is double the specifications (and triple the cost) of what is really needed to “play it safe”. There are cost savings in spending wisely.

Every budget involves IT. Create an IT budget that strategically aligns with your business goals.

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