For larger small businesses (25 to 100 computers/employees), the IT labour requirements of their computer network can be significant enough that consideration is given to hiring a full time employee to dedicate to the IT Support roles. The alternatives are having an in-house employee support the organization on a part time basis, while also serving other significant roles. Or a company can outsource their IT support to companies like Smart Dolphins. There are a number of considerations here, many of which are often overlooked. I will be sharing some of these considerations through a series of six blogs over the coming weeks. Here is the sixth.

Last week I reviewed some of the challenges of developing and adhering to process for the one-person tech department. This week I will be discussing when it definitely makes sense to have an internal technical employee.

When There is a Place for In-House IT

There is one situation where an internal technical employee is particularly valuable: when the technology the IT person is responsible for is critical to the organization’s competitive advantage and is a core competency of the employer. Key IT personnel are required to work very intensively and focus on those technologies, such as an internal IT person, for example, who is focused on customizing an ERP sytem for the specific needs of the company.

IT Employee versus Outsourced IT - Part 6

Team Up

Even when there is a place for in-house IT, we still see opportunities for organizations to better leverage technology to be more competitive. In addition to our comprehensive IT service, we also offer a service approach we call “Team Up.” In a Team Up partnership, an internal employee would be responsible for the front line reactive day-to-day service and Smart Dolphins would bring our proactive tools and processes to support the employee and the rest of the company. This frees up the internal employee to focus on the company-specific technology projects and capabilities. We do this work better, faster and cheaper than the internal technician. This is a great win-win situation for many of our partners, often the “best of both worlds.”

Are you thinking about what is right for your organization? I’m happy to discuss your particulars and explore what might be best. Drop me a line at and let’s set up a time to chat.