Success in IT requires developing and adhering to process.

It is all-too-common for organizations with a one-person tech department to lack process. On rare occasions, some businesses can hire IT professionals with lots of skills and experience and these individuals can bring in proper IT process. This is still a major undertaking as they have to plug all the process into the organization and maintain it.

Command Centre

Even with good process and policy in place, the individual needs to adhere to the process and policy. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to process, especially as a single-person department with no accountability. Process can feel very bureaucratic when you’re working by yourself and nobody is holding you accountable. Who’s going to care if you don’t document that “little change” you made to the server? Who is going to know that you skipped testing the restoration of your server from backup or update the latest security patches on the server this month? The organization that has the one person IT department will need a disciplined individual leading their IT.

Smart Dolphins has been in this business now for over 16 years and we’re still building our processes, but as a large team with LOTS of technology to manage across many clients, we definitely know the importance of developing and adhering to process and policy.

Next week I will be discussing when it definitely makes sense to have an internal technical employee.