We need your help (again)!

At the end of the day, Smart Dolphins’ success is the result of the quality of our team and we are currently looking to add to our team. Our future success is on the line! Can you help us to greatness?

To add to the importance of this, we are actually looking for TWO people… Dolphins:

  1. Level 2 Technical Support
  2. Inside Sales

I’ll spare you the finer details of job ads for these as you can obviously follow the links to all the gory details. Just know we only hire awesome people. That is our main filter: the awesome filter.

Many of our best people have come as a result of someone we know going out of their way to connect us with someone else they know that they think is awesome. Who do you know that is awesome? I hope you’ll choose to take a few minutes and pass along the news of our opportunities to some of your fine friends.

Thanks in advance for any assistance that you pass our way!