I like to think we graduated. We moved from “good enough” to “great”.

How much thought have you put into the phone sitting on your desk? It probably just sits there doing its thing. What if “its thing” was a whole lot more than it is now?

We moved into our current office in 2004 and we invested in a real phone system. This was a big step for us at the time, but the system really wasn’t much more than a ringing phone with extensions and some voice mail. It did its job, but not much more.

ShoretelZip off to 2011 and Smart Dolphins is definitely ready for more from our phone system. So in September we invested in a new Shoretel system. I won’t bore you with all the things the system can do, but I will share a few surprises: This thing can do your dishes, it can file your taxes and tuck your kids in at night – well. Well, I might not have those things quite right, but the system is Benefit rich, indeed. It makes us seriously wonder how we went without for so long.

Hardwire TelecomI mostly want to use this post to say a big thanks to Sandy at Hardwire Telecom and our very own Jesse Smith for putting in some serious effort to get this new system humming. As far as I know, the transition went without a hitch. I would suggest you seriously consider what more you could get out of a phone system and that conversation should start with the gurus at Hardwire.