One Year ago today, Pod Pointers were born! Have we changed the world yet? Personally, I think we have. We certainly have received great feedback from many people – thanks for this. I’m sure each Point Pointer has helped save one or more people money, time and frustration. Cool.

And isn’t that the way that most change happens in the world – little bits at a time. Small ideas, shared and implemented can add up to something significant. We don’t perceive any big instantaneous changes in our lives, but over days, months and years, the world changes dramatically. I love that about business. We all go to “the office” every day and we all push and as a group we make small incremental progress every day. Sure, some days there is slippage, but over time, with consistent pressure, the world changes. Again, I think that is really cool.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Ryan for his amazingness. I initially “took the snap” and got the Pod Pointers off the ground, but Ryan has essentially carried the Pod Pointer ball the distance since the initial hand off. I’m sure he would say that it hasn’t been a big burden. True or not, I know it is something special to have someone so consistently deliver an excellent end result, week after week. Thanks Ryan. Of course, thanks also to all the Pod who have contributed their Pod Pointer ideas.

Here is to another 10 years of Pod Pointers!