I’m excited (again).

In the early years of Smart Dolphins, it was always exciting. We were young, growing and things were easier. Being young gives you a lot of freedom and you feel invincible. We were a new growing company so we could torture our clients a little bit and they’d excuse it. “Ah, they’re a great growing company. This [torture] is just a little growing pain.” I (the sole shareholder) could also excuse weak profitability by focusing on all our awesome growth.

Of course, nobody stays young forever. You can only torture clients and miss the mark financially for so long. We had to grow up. This maturity and discipline have been our focus over the past two or three years. To do this, I put a halt to growing the business as we were really just growing something that was clunky into something that was even more clunky. We have come a long way.

GrowthOf course, a business should never stop maturing, refining operations and building discipline, but  we have come a long way over the past few years. We have re-established a strong foundation and we’re now again turning our minds to our long lost love for growth… healthy growth. We’ve recently launched our new website and started this blog: a few small ceremonial steps toward this new phase in Smart Dolphins’ history. We’re also in the early stages of building a few creative marketing campaigns and these types of things always get my juices flowing.

Did I mention I’m excited?