Back in March of 2011, our President, Dave Monahan wrote a blog post titled: “Clear the Fog about ‘The Cloud’.” In an attempt to demystify the cloud he summarized it as a metaphor for the Internet. If you are using the Internet, you are most likely cloud computing. From Facebook to Skype, to Dropbox to Office 365—the cloud is a part of our daily routine.

Adoption of the cloud continues to skyrocket and the pace of technical change is not slowing down. And, there’s still a lot of confusion about the cloud. So, we decided to create a straight-forward cloud computing presentation. Join Paul Holmes, Smart Dolphins’ Technology Ambassador for an introductory seminar on cloud computing Thursday May 12th.


• What the heck is the Cloud?
o Personal and work examples
o 3 Pillars of cloud computing
o Cloud types
• Benefits and drawbacks
• 3 Critical considerations
• Q & A

RSVP required. Lunch included. Capacity limited to 15.