Exciting times at Smart Dolphins!


After spending the past few years focusing internally on building a more robust business infrastructure, this year we have returned to pursuing outwardly-facing growth objectives. This has resulted in a lot more marketing activities (such as this very blog you are reading) and we’ve also been getting out there a lot more. However, we haven’t had any single person focused on building new business opportunities as their primary focus… until now.


Paul JohnsonWe are very excited to announce that Paul Johnson has joined the Pod as a “Business Developer”. If things go well, this may well be a major inflection point for Smart Dolphins.


Don’t tell Paul this, but he is over-qualified. He has huge success in business in his past: He grew his previous business to the biggest in the area and before selling it. He is also very well known in Greater Victoria (and elsewhere, for that matter). He is also the antithesis of “sales guy” (greasy used-car-selling type); he is very genuine, likeable and easy going (so don’t fear him if he comes a callin’). Thankfully, he is very excited about being a part of Smart Dolphins and being a part of the fuel for our future growth.


As the title might suggest, Paul is focused on creating more business opportunities for our growth plans. We have been working with Paul on his specific plans and we’re very excited to be offering this “service to our future clients”. He is going to be doing a variety of things, but we’ll be very interested to see how much of an in-road he can make in some of the vertical markets that are especially good fits for us (law firms, accountants, non-profits, technology/engineering/manufacturing, medical clinics – to name just a few). We’re also hoping he will be able to strengthen our relationships with our “referral partners” by finding more opportunities for those folks. Of course, Paul will also be visiting with our existing clients to get a better feel for what they do and the types of companies we help. Most of all, it gives us warm and fuzzy feelings to have Smart Dolphins be even more present in our business community.


Please help welcome our new addition to the Pod:


Paul Johnson
250-721-2499 Ext. 118
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