Last week, tragedy struck at Smart Dolphins HQ.  This tragedy didn’t come in the form of flood, hurricane, fire or lightning.  Its arrival was heralded not with a flash, or a thunderous boom, but with a faint pop and a soft hissing sound.  Yes, that’s right – the worst of all possible things had happened.  The coffee pot had given up its life in a sizzling cloud of coffee vapour.

Word of the tragic event spread quickly through the Dolphin populous.  It’s no secret that technology professionals everywhere are powered by caffeinated beverages.  Knowing the peril they faced, the Dolphins sprang into action.  There must be a meeting!

At the morning tactical meeting, the Dolphins chewed through each item on the agenda with singular purpose (or porpoise), until at last it was time to discuss the looming threat on everyone’s mind – no coffee.  Somehow, a replacement for the failed appliance must be obtained.  But who would obtain the coffee pot, and how?  The Smart Dolphins coffee maker was a special affair, near and dear to everyone assembled, and could not easily be replaced.  An exact match for the pot itself would have to be found – no easy feat.  Someone would need to undertake this quest.

After much vigorous discussion, Ty won the privilege of questing for the replacement coffee pot.  But being a proactive group, the Dolphins couldn’t stop at simply arranging for the coffee pot’s replacement.  During the discussion, it was determined that other items were fairly urgently needed (though their significance paled in comparison to the coffee pot).  And the Dolphins could sense that things would be needed in the future, as well.  Many solutions were put forth.  Some Dolphins wanted to use a whiteboard, and list things on it as they were required.  Others thought a more technologically advanced solution, perhaps involving a shared shopping list phone application, would be appropriate.  Others still suggested a weekly email.  There was also debate regarding whether specific people should be assigned responsibility for the items, or all should volunteer as they saw a need.

The jury is still out on all that stuff, but the coffee pot is on its way (Ty has dodged many perils on his quest).  In the meantime, this is how we’re coping:

Yes, there have been a lot more Dolphin sightings at the local Tim Hortons.  Dolphins are nothing, if not adaptable.