Raise your hand if you have too much time on your hands.

No hands? None at all?

Some days I’m overwhelmed by how fast we all move nowadays. Work, kids, dinner, cleaning, sleep, all packed into 24 hours. So much on our plates and not quite enough time to do any one thing perfectly.

This weekend we got in a little fender bender. Well, to be fair we didn’t get in a fender bender, we were run into. Nothing too dramatic. We had just pulled out of a parking space and were on our way when another car pulled out too fast and put a sizable dent smack dab in the center of our car. (right between the doors on the drivers side).

My point? Well, honestly there was no reason for this to happen. Sure, I’ll agree that “accidents happen” but I feel that is too simple. This is a case of somebody not taking enough time. It takes a certain amount of concentration and diligence to operate a car. Seems like something so simple doesn’t it? Pulling out of a parking space… Not really. Failing to take a few extra seconds to look twice, and be really certain of what you are doing can save everyone a lot of aggrevation and time.

I could say the same for the irresponsible drivers I see every day on their phones. Texting and talking when they should be spending a little more time on the task at hand. My favorite ones are those texting at red lights. I don’t know what to think of them. The messages they send while they aren’t paying attention must be incredibly important. I wonder what makes their agenda so critical they couldn’t wait to pull over or get home to deliver that all so important message.

I’m not talking about spending twice as much time on a simple task, just a sliver more. This is what makes the difference between a job perfectly executed and one done half-baked.

Slow down a bit. In your cars and in your day to day tasks. We don’t need to be in a rush. A few extra minutes (even seconds) here and there are what separate pros from amateurs. Whatever you’re doing, take a little extra time and do it as best you can.