Want to meet the POD at one of the “more funner” events in Victoria? Come join us at the 6th annual Social Media Camp this year!

Social Media Camp is Canada’s largest social media conference, featuring speakers from across North America, and drawing hundreds of attendees from around the world.

Business owners, marketing professionals, technologists, educators, government employees and more converge on the Victoria Conference Centre for three days of learning, sharing, networking, and a very fun time!

Why is this event in Victoria? Better question: Why is this event in “Tectoria”? The reality, of course, is we live in a city “swimming” with amazing technology companies doing really interesting stuff. Why shouldn’t a technology-oriented event that draws people from around the world be right here in Victoria? With the backdrop that is Victoria, of course, it makes even more sense!

In case you missed the news, too, one of Social Media Camp’s co-founders, Paul Holmes, just joined our pod last month, too – so we’re all pretty excited to be an even bigger part of this year’s event!

Need another reason to come? How about becoming a #Dolfan, and winning an iPad mini at our tradeshow booth? You’ll even have a chance to sit in a smart car with a fin!

Find out more at socialmediacamp.ca. And if you decide to register, use our “SmartDolphins50” discount code to save $50 off admission.

If we don’t see you there that weekend, we’ll definitely see you on social media. Watch for #Dolfan and #SMCamp in your feed.

And if you haven’t followed us on Twitter yet, be sure to … twitter.com/SmartDolphinsIT