As a business owner, you juggle dozens of responsibilities, delegate dozens more, and the buck stops at your desk – literally.

Paul HolmesIn the Social Media Age, you are faced with a number of new challenges:

  • How should our company engage online?
  • What platforms, personal profiles or business profiles?
  • How often, and how can we be responsive without social media becoming a burden?
  • Who in our organization should be responsible?
  • Should I be involved too?
  • How do I delegate to and empower public facing employees or contractors?
  • How do we manage staff use of social media?
  • Should we have a social media policy, and how can we monitor/enforce it?
  • What are the security risks to be aware of?

At Smart Dolphins, we work with companies committed to being serious about IT, and strategies with social media are a big part of what companies are doing online.

Our Technology Ambassador Paul Holmes is a regular presenter on technology-related topics. He has been a recognized leader in social media education since early 2009, speaking at various events and conferences across the province.

This talk is targeted to business owners in businesses with between 5 and 25 employees.


  • Introduction
  • 9 Social media management tips for business owners
  • Q & A

June 21 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

RSVP required.

*Please note that we will soon release a summer date on social media for Executive Directors of Non-Profits.