Smart Dolphins is participating in the 8th Annual VIATeC Foodbank Challenge that benefits the Mustard Seed Foodbank. As part of our fund raising efforts, we hosted a fun, charity poker tournament at our office on Saturday, November 20th. This will be the third year that we have had this event in conjunction with the Foodbank Challenge and we once again smashed our previous fund raising total by raising nearly $900!

Thank you to all those who participating. Your generosity was incredible! And what a fantastically fun event.

Also a big thank you to Victoria’s Best Pizza place, Ali Baba Pizza for the contribution to the pizza fund raising!

Lastly, a monster thank you to Jesse Smith for pulling the weight on this and making it happen!

Victoria's Best Pizza Place, Ali Baba's Pizza

If you are interested in participating in next year’s tournament, please contact dave@smartdolphins.comor prior to November 2011.

A few great memories:

  • Jesse rebuys twice in the first ten minutes
  • Jesse taunts Dave/other table to be more reckless, Dave rebuys twice on two hands and the table has 7 rebuys in the next 30 minutes
  • Steve attempts to fold more hands than anyone else, but eventually is overtaken by Joe nursing ways
  • Steve morphs into Mark
  • Chris and Dave get killed going all in on pocket pairs on first hand after dinner break. Dave gets third ace, but Alex takes them both down by rivering a flush.
  • Ty spills drink(s)
  • Heather peers into Ty’s soul and read’s him like a children’s story book, taking his monster stack of chips in 2 hands.
  • Jesse was assumed out, but at the last moment notices he rivered a flush
  • Alex wins the tournament with two pair; Jesse second. Adam third. Heather fourth (first time player – is destined for Vegas).
  • The ultimate winner: the Mustard Seed has $900 coming there way!