During our last weekly meeting we thought about what we could give to our customers as a small token of our appreciation for the holiday season.

Christmas Baskets!

Next question is, what could we put into those baskets, why chocolates of course! Next step, buy some chocolate.

Wait, wait, wait…there has to be a different way to do this.

Introducing our #SDDonates campaign! We want to buy $200 worth of chocolates from a local charity, organization or school to put in our customers Christmas Baskets. We are looking to you, our readers, for recommendations. Why #SDDonates? The # sign in Twitter is a hash tag. People can follow these hash tags for information on a specific topic. We are hoping to see lots of #SDDonates on Twitter over the next 3 weeks.

We of course don’t want to exclude those of you that don’t use Twitter. Please simply comment on this post using a valid email address with your suggestion and why we should choose that charity, organization or school. All suggestions will be put into a hat and one or two will be drawn at random on Monday Nov 21st 2011. All suggestions must be in by Sunday Nov 20th 2011 at midnight.

Let the recommendations commence! Thank you in advance to everyone that helps us with our endeavour.

We know that $200 isn’t going to change the world. However, we do feel that every little bit helps. If we can help get the word out there for some of our local groups and organizations then at least we have given some more exposure, and again, every little bit helps.