Movember is finally here again. A whole month of uninhibited moustachery!

Most people are now familiar with Movember, in case this is the first you’ve heard of it, read on. Every November men everywhere help raise money for cancer research, primarily prostate cancer. We do this by growing incredibly awesome moustaches and collecting donations.

I look totally ridiculous with a moustache, it’s great. That is the idea though. Men don’t generally put their health issues right out there. We’re really quite bad at talking about these things. A whole month of moustaches is a great way to make sure we are talking about our health. This is a disease that has touched our family. We have been lucky where many have not, and not lost anyone. Regular screening and just plain taking care of yourself really can save lives.

You can check out the Movember team I’ve joined up with at and I’ll be sure to have an update picture soon as I’m been working hard this past week to grow a fine show-stache.