Making Green Changes

Over the last year I am proud to have been involved in the VIATeC Sustainability Round Table. Dave brought this group to my attention last year thinking I would be interested in the topics. Of course, I was. This is an area of strong interest for me personally.

I went to my first meeting and at first it was a little overwhelming. It seemed to me that all the businesses around the table were already well on their way with sustainability practices and even using language I had not heard before. It was also very inspiring and it helped confirm for me that this was something I really wanted to pursue. So I continued to participate, I climbed the learning curve and soon I found that my opinions and observations were  really contributing to the value of the group. I would encourage other VIATeC members to join us!

After every meeting I have been excited about what changes I can make at Smart Dolphins to help move us to the elusive status of “Sustainable”. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we have slowly been making changes that have had an impact and we have a ton of ideas in the works. On an ongoing basis, I am going to blog on different things we have done or are planning to do at Smart Dolphins. I always feel that one of the first steps to achieving any goal is to have accountability. Making this public declaration of my personal and professional commitment to Sustainability is part of that accountability.

So make sure you subscribe to our RSS to get our latest updates. And of course, if you have any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear them.