At the SPCA I frequently feel sorry for the dogs – sorry for whatever they went through before finding true shelter (even if their stay lasts a long period of time, they’re treated like royalty – long walks every day, food, water, shelter, socialization, and even a frozen treat before they go to bed) for the rest of their lives.  But oddly enough it was empty bottles that led me to some dogs with not only the same story – but a social stigma to top it off:  Pit bulls.

Don’t get me wrong – the SPCA handles its fair share of pit bulls, but Hug-a-Bull deals specifically with advocacy and adoption of pit bulls.  They have to do everything the SPCA does plus educate people on how “media sensationalism, irresponsible ownership, and irresponsible breeding have damaged this breed’s reputation”, with less money and resources.  Other breeds have suffered similar abuse, but none to the extent of what pit bulls have to tolerate.  A prime example – my own wife doesn’t know why, but she’s always been deathly afraid of pit bulls – SPECIFICALLY pit bulls.

Hug-a-bull is having a bottle drive – Bottles for Bullies – on June 4th from 10am-4pm at Glanford Auto Service.  You can make a donation or drop off your refundable bottles as your donation.  Also, you can learn about the uphill battle these dogs involuntarily entered, and how powerful awareness can be when trying to alleviate this social stigma.  I’ll be there donating a huge load of empties (rinsed, of course) that we’ve collected at Smart Dolphins, and I hope to see you there!

Oh – and my wife – all it took was for her to Hug a Bull and she was hooked:

And naturally I had to try it too:

And I hope you will too!