If you ever stop by Smart Dolphins to drop off a computer or just to say ‘Hi”, don’t be surprised to see a very large dog wandering the halls. Mischa is a 140 pound, almost 2 year old Leonberger. She is quite hefty and may appear intimidating at first glance. Not to worry! She is a certifiable woose and chooses to spend most confrontational situations hiding behind me (by ‘confrontation’ I mean a barking Chihuahua). Her days are filled with sleeping, drinking, sleeping, snacking and of course playing (right before she settles in for more napping). She is truly a gentle giant.

Now if giant dogs are not your ‘thing’, she is contained to the upstairs and you can get in and out of the office without an encounter.

I know what you are thinking. Yes, we can bring our dogs to work. Just another way Smart Dolphins is awesome.

(Mischa at 6 months old)