One of the things I’ve been particularly aware of lately is focus.  I’ve held a lot of different roles in my time here at Smart Dolphins.  My most recent shift was about a month ago when we restructured our reactive support department and created the Service Desk.  For me this was a pretty big change.  Previously I had my fingers in a bunch of the different pies, like a lot of us here.  But moving to the Service Desk would change all that.  And to be honest, it made me a little nervous.

When we made the decision to create the Service Desk, we knew some very specific things would be required for it to be successful.  The main chunk of the Service Desk would consist of two technicians and a service manager.  And that chunk would soon be responsible for resolving 90% (or more) of all service requests.  And we’ve been doing that in spades.  How, you ask?

While I’d love to tell you it’s because we’re just that awesome, the real answer boils down to just one word:  Focus.  We’ve set aside a bunch of the pies we had our fingers in, and we just do one thing.  We don’t plan for your long term network health (that’s Sean), work with you on your IT budget (Ade), investigate that weird nagging issue that’s been ongoing for months(Ryan), or put in a shiny new server (Joe). We run the Service Desk.  If you can’t find your Word icon, your email is suddenly all Cyrillic, or you can’t remember where you put that file, we’ll come to your rescue.  We’ll have your hidden icon back front and center, your email restored to plain English, and your file fetched from the abyss in no time.  When it gets beyond that – if you need significant infrastructure changes, new hardware, or if someone just plain needs to be in your office to get something done – the rest of the team takes over.

Some things about working on the Service Desk are tough.  Handing off an issue to someone else when it’s not resolved is hard.  Not doing something you know you’re capable of is hard, especially when you know help is needed.  But trust makes it possible.  Being able to trust the rest of the kick-ass team that is Smart Dolphins.  That’s what lets us focus.  That’s what lets us help the next person, and the one after that.

Yeah, at first I was a little nervous.  I thought I’d miss my odd projects, my infrastructure planning.  But I don’t miss those things at all.  I’m on the Service Desk, and I’m loving it.  We’re focused, and we’re knocking it out of the park.  This is what being part of a team should feel like.  Together, we can do anything.

And we’re doing it for you.