The first Smart Dolphins blog, here it is! What do you think so far?

I have to admit, this first blog is a tough one. I battled for a while trying to decide what our blog would look like and in particular what this first one would say. This first blog sets the tone for the rest. The rest sets the tone for our company. First impressions are critical, right? So, we best wait until we have it JUST right and then launch, no?

Of course, reality is, we never achieve perfection – especially with the first try. The software industry is a great example of this. If programmers waited to finish the perfect software, we’d all still be working with pen and paper. And, of course, if they did manage to ship perfect software, Smart Dolphins wouldn’t be around to fix stuff!

This unrealistic expectation of myself and my first impression has always been a challenge. I’ve grown to understand this about myself and I usually fight through it with action. I just take the first step. I just show up and see how I do. I just start writing that first blog and see what comes of it. It won’t be perfect and a lot of the time it won’t even be good. However, without the first step you learn nothing and failure is certain.

There. I didn’t fail.