Before I was brought into ‘The Pod’ I did some research about dolphins over the internet.  I discovered among other things that they are social beings, very playful, intelligent and communicate efficiently.

That pretty much describes the staff at Smart Dolphins and how they conduct themselves on a daily basis both inside and outside of the office.  When I started with the company last month, I felt good about diving into their tech world and knew that my team members wouldn’t let me drown if I started floundering.  Of course that hasn’t happened and it’s been almost a month now since I started.  I’m slipping into a good groove now and getting the results I was hoping for sooner than later.

Meeting and socializing with the Victoria business community is part of my job as business developer for Smart Dolphins. An essential tool for this is business cards. We ordered them when I started, but they still haven’t arrived. I have been without business cards so far and it has been a bit challenging.

Have you ever gone to a business mixer with somebody else’s cards in your pocket?  I have, many many times this past month. Our ‘Pod Father’ has been good enough to share his cards with me to hand out.  Well, you should see and hear the expressions when people read the card I hand them.  I get, “Hey, this isn’t you!” or “I know it’s been awhile Dave, but you don’t look yourself, are you okay?”   I don’t mind though, it’s a great ice breaker and people certainly remember me and Smart Dolphins by the end of the night.

However, maybe I shouldn’t have promised all those “Presidential Deals” 😉

Being part of a company that works well together, offers a great product and has a good name within the community are all good reasons for wanting to come to work at Smart Dolphins.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the future and if any of my fellow dolphins can balance a ball on their nose while swimming in the deep end.