Back in June, my colleague Ty Hedden, shared his recommendations on a couple adblocker options. But, unlike Ty, I prefer to use a superlight private web browser that automatically blocks ads, so that I can browse faster, be more productive and less distracted, and that’s why I’ve been using Firefox Focus since its launch.

If you desire a truly private browser, try Firefox Focus. Here’s a list of its features:

  • Built-in adblocker
  • Blocks analytics tracker
  • Blocks social trackers

You have the option to customize any of these default settings, so you can turn any of these settings on or off. So, if you encounter a website that doesn’t allow access with an adblocker, you can change your settings to view it.

My favourite feature of this tool is that I am reminded to delete my browsing history. You simply tap on the garbage icon and poof, my digital footprint is deleted.

A few cons that web users have pointed out is that there is no option to bookmark websites, open new tabs or add extensions. It’s not a full browser, so it’s functionality is limited. But, what’s most important, to me, is that I can browse the Internet and know that my privacy is safe-guarded.

Available on Google play and iOS.