It seems most of the business folks that I ask say “yes” to this question. Like many, I have known Paul for a long time. I have a ton of respect for Paul’s various accomplishments and his massive reservoir of knowledge and talents. So I couldn’t be more excited to tell you…

As of April 13th, Paul is a Smart Dolphin! WOOOOOOO!!!!

In case it isn’t clear, this is exciting news.

We are calling Paul our “Technology Ambassador”. We’re tasking him with engaging the business community and helping business folks make great decisions for their business IT. Categorically, you could classify Paul’s role as a trainer, a consultant and/or business development. Paul is here to help and I’m confident he’ll do this in a big way.

Paul Holmes

In case you’re one of the few that doesn’t know Paul, he has a pretty awesome reputation. With 24 years of technology industry experience, including leading a web development company and a digital marketing firm, he knows some important stuff. He might be best known for (at least more recently) his co-founding of the hugely popular Social Media Camp. 27,000,000 followers on Twitter might speak to his popularity… wait, did I get the zeros wrong there?

This is a proud time for me. Paul joining the team sheds light on something special going on at Smart Dolphins. First, I feel lucky to continue to attract awesome talent in to The Pod. Paul is definitely a SMART Dolphin. Second, Paul is another example that Smart Dolphins has the scale and business model to do things effectively. As one of the business leaders I’ve been trying to do what Paul is going to be doing. However, with too many hats, I haven’t been consistent with it. Like we’ve done with many important roles at Smart Dolphins, we now have a dedicated person following a process to reach an important end result.

I invite you to give Paul a “howdy” by emailing him at or calling 250.721.2499 ext 210. Or stop into our new office to say hi. You don’t want to be the only business person out there that doesn’t know Paul Holmes. Do you?