RyanCoffeeRyan Kingsbury was one of the many people that lived out east, but decided he just had to live in our beautiful city. Originally from Montreal, Ryan recently made the trek out west and this was a lucky break for Smart Dolphins as it allowed us to add some SERIOUS talent to our team. Ryan’s lists of certifications puts the alphabet to shame. Off paper, he also shines. One of his coworkers offered this compliment: “Anything passed to him is taken care of properly and quickly. I don’t worry whether or not something will be done.” Clients have had similarly positive things to say. And he certainly fits in: he is making coffee for the team all the time!

He’ll continue to find success: he intuitively knew that it was in his best interests to intentionally lose his poker money to his boss. You can’t teach that. To top it off, “Il parle français”.

As always, we hope our community of customers will openly welcome Ryan into the fold. His primary role at Smart Dolphins is “Reactive Tier 2” technician, but I’m sure he’ll have the opportunity to try on many hats (he seems to fit a Tim Horton’s hat well) and be exposed to most of our customers. I’m confident you’ll find him agreeable.