I am a huge fan of the Vancouver Canucks.

No, no buts, no however, no sometimes, no nothing. I am a huge fan of the Vancouver Canucks. Through thick and thin, I will always be a fan. This past year was amazing! Watching everyone come together in the province to cheer on my team. Then, what some feel was inevitable, happened in the beautiful city of Vancouver. What will people remember from this year? The riots. Not the best team in the league overall, not the team that made it to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, not the team that was better than every other team for 80+ games of the regular season.

What do I remember? The year that was. The evenings sitting on the edge of my couch with my son and wife enjoying every minute of it. I admit, I complained about specific players, moves the team made I didn’t agree with, but who doesn’t have complaints about their life, or portion thereof. The Canucks will always be the team I cheer for. I hope I can teach my kids that even when the chips are down, people, even rich sports stars, need your support. My Canucks will need more support than ever next year when they face the uphill climb to the Stanley Cup again. They will need it more than ever.

So what is the point of all this? To look like a fool to some? To gain respect from others by pronouncing my unwavering support of a team so many feel will never do it? Well people, they did it. They made it to the Stanley Cup finals and fought valiantly. I am proud to call myself a Canuck fan. If I never see them go to the final again, I will still support them every year. Year in year out. Again, what is the point of all this? To get the following off my chest. I am a proud Vancouver Canucks fan and always will be. No amount of heckling, name calling or poor performance will stop that fact.