Our first year at Canada’s largest social media conference was a success. We took away a bunch of new tactics and a renewed enthusiasm for social media. We learned so much that we decided to condense it all down to 3 important lessons.

# 1 – Social Media Training is Ongoing: There isn’t one book or one strategy that guarantees a successful social media plan. Business folks today need to try to stay up-to-date on all of the latest social media tools and tactics. Social Media Camp provides a space for learning from some of the most knowledgeable and experienced social networking teachers. To keep your fingers on the pulse, you need to keep your social media skills fresh.

# 2 – The Power of Influencer Marketing: Smart Dolphins made lots of new connections and reinvigorated some old ones at Social Media Camp. Yes, we did increase our “followers” on various social media channels but more importantly, we walked away with a much more sound understanding of why we need to better leverage our own influencers.

Andrew Sureshkumar, Sean Smith (That Social Media Guy) and Paul Holmes

Andrew Sureshkumar, Sean Smith (That Social Media Guy) and Paul Holmes

# 3 – Bridging the Gap Between our Online and Offline Selves: What struck us most about Social Media Camp was the rich sense of community we felt from the real-life experience of the conference. Social Media Camp put the “social” back into “social” networking. The conference brought together a well-connected group of attendees that were there to learn, share and celebrate the potential of social media.


Daddy Blogger, Blackberry Elite and 103.1 KISS

Thanks to all of the Dolfans that came out to say hello. If you missed us at Social Media Camp, check out our upcoming events at: http://www.smartdolphins.comculture/events/

P.S. – Everyone loves DOLPHINS…in particular, Smart Dolphin swag, like dolphin-shaped balloons and toothbrushes and smart cars with fins.