IE is not a Browser

Internet Explorer (IE) has been a long-standing staple of the work computer. It is used to do everything from accessing internal tools, to casual web browsing during coffee breaks. And, while it was once good and handy, time has not been kind to the little ‘e’ — it has become a very big risk.

Beware of Mindspark

We’re getting lots of inquiries about infections from Mindspark/MyWebSearch/Ask toolbars. Who is Mindspark? A marketing firm and data reseller. What is it? Mindspark offers hundreds of different toolbars with different names, the most common being the ‘Ask’...

Why we Patch IT

Windows updates interrupt your day, restart your computer and are generally annoying. So, what is it with all of these updates? Well, in the increasingly complex world of Windows computing, your computer must deal with a lot more to make your experience fast, easy,...