Meet the Pod

Jesse Smith


I began my career with Smart Dolphins IT Solutions in 2004. Recently out of college, I was eager and confident; and those traits were magnified tenfold when I discovered Smart Dolphins. I was drawn here in a way that is difficult to describe, and began to view all...

Dave Monahan


I founded Smart Dolphins IT Solutions on May 1st 2000 out of the back room of my house. Initially, Smart Dolphins was created to fulfill the work experience requirement of my technology schooling, but it was clear that I had started something that was valuable to the...

Joe Payne

Technology Success Director

I moved to Victoria from Nelson in search of a job in the tech sector back in 2003. I first started with Smart Dolphins as an Onsite Technician. In this role, I performed tasks as simple as turning a computer off and on again and as complex as migrating a company's...

Meghan McEachern


I provide the marketing muscle at Smart Dolphins. I dabble in a variety of marketing tactics and strategies. Over the years, I’ve acquired a toolkit that keeps 101 marketing nuts and bolts manageable so that I can focus on being creative and analytical. I am...

Sean Forseth

Project Delivery Specialist

My interest in technology started with a Tandy 3000, when I was 9 years old. In 2003, I completed my diploma in Windows Administration and Network Infrastructure. It took a few years after that to land my first job in the IT sector. I started working for another IT...

Ian Bird

Project Delivery Specialist

The bulk of my time is dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ IT processes and services are up-to-date. If I am not in someone’s doorway, I am usually in my office scanning through articles about the latest updates and tools that will improve Smart Dolphins’...

Ross Speirs

Virtual IT Manager (vITM)

I work with our end users to coordinate the resolution of their IT inquiries. At Smart Dolphins, I started working on the support team and now work as a Virtual IT Manager (vITM). The quicker the path to resolution for the customer the sooner they can get back to...

Ty Hedden

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Originally from PEI and after living in many parts of BC, I decided to settle down on my second island home in Victoria. The year-round mountain biking and outdoor opportunities made it an easy decision. With nearly a decade of experience at Smart Dolphins, I’ve...

Melody Taylor

Service Manager

I have a Master’s degree in Information Science and Knowledge Management, as well as over a decade of experience in customer service. I’m here to organize, communicate and relate to the potentially frustrating technical issues our clients face. I’ve been there...I...

Werner Baron

Centralized Services

I work closely with Smart Dolphins’ clients, to get them out of the IT mediocrity spiral, through proactive management and onsite support. I know how to assess, proactively manage and protect office networks and systems from threats, I believe in preventing issues...

Andrew Rivett

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

I started with Smart Dolphins in 2012 coming from a background providing varied IT support for a range of business and personal needs. I currently act as a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), focusing primarily on our proactive approach to IT. My mission is to...

Chad Ryan

Support Team Specialist

I have been interested in computers since I was 10 years old. I launched my career in IT as a Network Administrator for a private school in Duncan. My wife and I moved to Victoria, BC in 2010 and I initially took a position in a call center doing help desk IT support....

Kel Videll

Support Team Specialist

Having grown up in Silicon Valley, my love for technology began at a very young age. My father would bring home decommissioned computers from his office and let me tinker away at them. The best way to learn how to fix something is to break it yourself and work...

Mariola Czerkawska


I have been with Smart Dolphins since 2006. My primary focus is accounting but my passion for our team has also led me into the HR development role. My mind is in the details and my job is translating them into the big picture - so I can do my part in navigating our...

Christopher Kelsall

Technology Ambassador

I chose to join the Pod at Smart Dolphins IT Solutions because the company is like none other. From the top-down, as well as from inside to outwardly-looking, the organization evokes a spirit of high-level care and excellence. That spirit manifests in a quality ethos...

David Hamilton

Support Team Specialist

I have been working with computers since the 3rd generation TRS-80. I began my IT career in the 1990’s with a focus on securing clients machines against malware. I moved to Victoria, BC in 2005 and I love working with a positive and experienced IT team. IT...


Office Dog Extraordinaire

Professional napper, fetcher and local foodie. Born in Taiwan.

Haley Doehnel

Administrative Coordinator

In this cross-over role of Finance and Administration, I exercise my passion for helping others by being the go-to Administrative Dolphin and AR lead. With a long history of customer service and an Executive Office Administration diploma, I am armed and ready to help...

Matthew Pajot-Gibb

Support Technician

I was born and raised in Manitoba. I’ve always had an interest in everything computers. After nearly a decade of customer service experience, I decided to take the leap and turn my hobby into something more, pursuing a technical diploma in the summer of 2019. With a...

Luke Jovanovic

Support Technician

I’m originally from Australia and I have been in customer service roles for many years and worked with a variety of cliental. I believe in going beyond merely communicating to ‘connecting’ with people. My passion for technology drew me to Smart Dolphins IT Solutions...

Radi Trahanov

Support Technician

I was drawn to technology in the late '90s and I knew that I wanted to build my career in IT. In 2001 my brother and I opened our own internet cafe where we set up the computers - the cafe became my second home. My passion for tech has never faded. In my free time, I...

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