Current Career Opportunities

Thanks to our growth, we’re looking for a full-time Support Team Specialist. If you’re ready to join The Pod and help lead our Allies out of IT Mediocrity, then reach out and let’s dive in!

As an experienced IT professional, you know better than anyone that IT is about so much more than tickets and troubleshooting. It’s about helping businesses succeed. It’s about implementing technical solutions that make workplaces simply work.

We’re Smart Dolphins, a leading, strategic managed IT services company that helps small to medium sized businesses leverage technology to drive productivity and growth. Our goal is to ensure our Allies’ (our term for customers) IT is always an asset in their organization, by aligning their technology with their business goals. We have a special and rare opportunity to make a major impact on the world… and enjoy ourselves while we’re doing it!

Support Team Specialist

Our Support Team Specialist must represent themselves as a spokesperson for Smart Dolphins IT Solutions Inc. Many times, you are the first and only impression an Client receives of our company. Your attitude, professional manner, and personal attention given on each and every call, in each and every conversation, is paramount to our success. You are expected to quickly and efficiently see through to resolution most service tickets that come your way. You will follow provided processes, check-lists, and policies to ensure a consistent end-user experience. You will combine information and tools provided with your technical knowledge to achieve a high level of client satisfaction.

As a Support Team Specialist, here’s what you’ll do:

  • Answer phone calls quickly. Respond to all assigned service tickets within specified time limits.
  • Provide remote and phone support to end-users from Smart Dolphins IT Solutions Inc. headquarters.
  • Diagnose & Resolve 90% of assigned service tickets.
  • Log all service details within ticket.
  • Keep accurate track of time for service tickets, in real-time.
  • Identify situations that require escalation.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled team huddles, prepared to report on your individual metrics including reasons for deviation.
  • Participate in Client Service Skills Training.
  • Maintain education and knowledge to align with support needs.
  • Member of On-Call rotation as scheduled and required to support our Clients.
  • Live and breath Smart Dolphins’ Core Values. Understand and help drive our Vision, Mission, Value Proposition, and Service Offerings.
  • Enthusiastically take on the role of your primary job description, knowing that at times you’ll be called upon to fill responsibilities defined within secondary job functions.
  • Inform management of recurring problems or Clients at risk.

Skills and Experience of a Support Team Specialist Technician

  • Diagnose & Resolve hardware and software issues.
  • Experience with major hardware vendors – Dell, HP, etc.
  • Updated knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems – desktop and server.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Applications (Exchange, SQL, etc.) is a plus.
  • Networking knowledge (DNS, switches, firewalls, VPN, etc.) is desired.
  • Troubleshooting skills are required.
  • Excellent writing & communication skills.
  • Client Service experience.
  • Current education/experience/certifications reflecting your competency in your chosen field.

What does Success look like in this job role?

A successful Support Team Specialist makes Clients happy by solving their problems quickly, and doing so with an empathetic, pleasant manner. They work diligently to keep their ticket productivity up and total tickets on the service desk at a minimum. They interface with their co-workers in a direct, honest, respectful manner. They speak openly about their challenges and where they need help. They collaborate with their co-workers to improve everyone’s performance as a whole.

In order to be successful as a Support Team Specialist, you’ll consistently meet and exceed posted goals for NPS, the amount of tickets you close per day, and the % of billable time you average per month. You will be able to close without assistance 90% of assigned service tickets.

Personal Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – measured statistics

  • Individual metrics will be measured in personal NPS, tickets closed / day and % billable / utilization averaged per month.
  • Personal NPS GOAL: 80
  • Close an average of 10 tickets per day.
  • Consistently achieve a billable average of 80%.

The Details

This is a full-time, permanent position working in out of our Victoria, BC office. You’ll also occasionally work with Allies on-site (located mainly on Vancouver Island). Your travel expenses are fully reimbursed.

You’ll have access to RSP matching, a medical/dental trust, a rewards program, a company laptop and cellphone, a personal vehicle allowance, and a profit sharing program. In addition to standard vacation, you’ll receive 5 additional sick days off.

The Right Fit:

Our best Dolphins are:

  • Responsible: you take ownership of your role, and always do the right thing for our Allies, their business, and our team.
  • Continuous learners: if you don’t know something, you ask questions and jump right in to learn new skills. You are intensely curious about business and technology and are forever hungry for personal growth.
  • Process-oriented: checklists, documentation, and standards excite you. You enjoy building and following systems that keep things organized and Allies (and Dolphins) happy.
  • Impact-Driven: you’re not just looking for a job, but more importantly, you are passionate about finding a long term home for your career, with equally-passionate people, at a place that makes a difference in the world.

Smart Dolphins IT Solutions Inc., Cultural Expectations:

  • Represent Smart Dolphins IT Solutions Inc., by exemplifying company’s core values in a professional manner.
  • Embody Complete Ownership: be accountable for your roles and responsibilities. Hold others accountable to theirs.
  • Bring Energy and Positivity: be confident and allow your energy and positive attitude to come through.
  • Always be Growing: stay current and ahead of your field.
  • Love the Pod and let your Dorsal Pride Show.
  • Always do the Right Thing.

Working at Smart Dolphins

If you asked our current team why they love Smart Dolphins, they’ll tell you being here feels like a one-of-a-kind opportunity. We do challenging and meaningful work for some really caring, successful and valuable local organizations, all while working with a family-like team. The perks and office are great. For most Dolphins, there is no place we’d rather work! 

Our leadership is committed to teaching our team about our business, technology, and generally providing continuous learning and educational opportunities. Working here means building a business you take pride in and growing into the Dolphin we need you to be in the future.

Smart Dolphins has been recognized with several awards that speak to the unique and special place we’ve created over the years together:

  • 2018 – Best Place to Work Canada (including Best Workplace in Technology and Best Workplace for Millennials)
  • 2017 – Outstanding Workplace of the Year (GVCC)
  • 2012 – VIATEC Employer of the Year
  • 2007 – Worklife BC Award of Merit

We hope you’ll help us win our next award!

How to Apply

Our online application will give you the option to apply to this role as a complete person – not just a resume. The application will assess your qualifications, personality traits and workplace preferences, and should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. After submitting, you’ll receive an email inviting you to log in and view your assessment results.

We strive to build a team that reflects the diversity of the community we work in, and encourage applications from ALL groups and people, including those who are traditionally underrepresented.  If we can make this easier through accommodation in the recruitment process, please contact us using the “Help” button.

We will review applications, with priority given to those who have completed the assessment, and look forward to hearing from you.

Apply at:



Job Specs
  • Full-time, permanent position, Monday to Friday during business hours.
  • Health Trust Plan for Dolphins and family.
  • RSP Matching.
  • Access to company cars.
  • Peer-to-peer rewards program.
  • A company laptop and cellphone.
  • Profit sharing program.
  • In addition to a standard vacation, you’ll receive 5 additional sick days off.


It’s easy for companies to say that their employees love their work lives, but our employees say it for themselves.

Smart Dolphins is a rare place. Everybody here absolutely loves their jobs, the company, and the atmosphere. I have to constantly remind myself not to take it for granted, because it’s a rare thing for someone to be able to wake up every day and go to a place that is more fun than work a good portion of the time. We work hard of course, but we’re invested because we all feel like we’re building something great and love where the company is going.

Jesse Smith

Dolphin Birthday: June 6 2004

It’s a pretty awesome feeling to be able to wake up every morning excited to go to work. The office is full of Dolphins who are able to work hard and have fun at the same time. Everyone here loves what they do which creates an office atmosphere unlike any I have experienced before. It’s a lot of fun to be involved with all of the great things Smart Dolphins is doing and to watch the company grow.

Chad Ryan

Dolphin Birthday: Feb 7 2012

Smart Dolphins is not your typical office environment. You’ll find poker tables, a big red dog, and way too many references to aquatic mammals. Typically Dolphins start their day bright and early but we live flexible lives. We value family time and a balanced approach to work. That isn’t to say we don’t work hard, a lot is expected of a Dolphin.

A lot of people are counting on us. We know that even the small choices we make day to day are very important. We all look forward to coming to work and making the absolute best of every day. Keeping a positive attitude (and office!) is a huge part of being a Dolphin.

Ultimately, working for Smart Dolphins means being able to do all the geeky things I would be doing at home anyway. It means getting paid to be myself and do what I love every day.

Ty Hedden

Dolphin Birthday: Nov 9 2009