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IT Service Packages

Smart Dolphins has designed our IT service packages so that your business can avoid IT quicksand.  We have invested heavily in building structure, processes and tools that allow us to be proactive and focus more on fire prevention than firefighting. We have the scale and business model that allows us to have dedicated, proactive responsibilities; this allows our proactive team members to ignore the noise of our customers’ reactive service demands. We still put out fires, but because of our structured approach we can put the majority of our (your) resources into preventing problems and making valuable progress.

  1. Alliance
  2. Team-Up

We charge a fixed monthly price and take responsibility for the end results of the computer network. The more we invest in preventing problems up front, the less reactive labour cost we will have in the future. Likewise, our customers spend more productive time doing what they do best and have much lower risks overall.


Alliance is a comprehensive, holistic offering. We will provide all ongoing services inclusive in the monthly investment, except for hardware, software and major projects (generally defined as additions or changes that require significant planning on our part). Alliance allows us to inject ourselves into your organization so that we can psychologically own and take full responsibility for your IT network and provide valuable IT leadership. We have the same incentive as you: to reduce the risks and time consuming problems that you experience and ensure your IT is always an asset within your organization. We throw ourselves at this aim and invest heavily in our future, mutual success.

We’ve structured the delivery of Alliance into five Service Delivery Areas:

  1. Proactive Technology Management (Centralized Services)
  2. Network Administration
  3. Reactive Support Services
  4. Technology Consulting
  5. Project Implementation


Team-Up is just like Alliance in that it is a holistic, proactive offering. We provide ongoing leadership and management services and deliver in all of the five Alliance areas outlined above. This service, operates in conjunction with a businesses’ own in-house expertise who service the front line for day-to-day reactive needs. We “Team-Up” to form an enterprise-like IT department.