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Predictable IT Service

Predictable IT ServicesSmart Dolphins offers predictable IT Service.

For many business, their computer network is a source of problems, risk, stress and unexpected costs. There is another way: Smart Dolphins’ Best in Class IT Service.

Traditionally, business network support companies take a reactive, passive role and wait for their customers to call. They might make some network recommendations when they need some more revenue or when a problem is best fixed with new computer or network equipment, but these things are still done reactively. There is very little process, the costs are highly variable and the results of the computer network is usually erratic.

Smart Dolphins has evolved from this traditional model and has become an IT Managed Services Provider. This type of arrangement is fundamentally different than most IT service providers described above. Instead of having a traditional on site tech support company that you call when you think you need some help, the Managed Service Provider takes full responsibility for maintaining a quality, highly functional computer network and largely dictates a wide variety of computer and network support necessary for the end result that everyone is looking for. This aligns our incentives with our clients to minimize costly problems and puts the decision making into the hands of the experts.

This arrangement also provides tremendous incentive for an IT Managed Service Provider to invest in process and tools that will lower the “noise” of a computer network. Smart Dolphins has invested incredible amounts into IT Solutions that makes us way more efficient than we would otherwise be. A traditional, hourly-billing network service provider has a strong disincentive to make these kinds of investments. Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just so you can bill less revenue from the same client base? Similarly, Smart Dolphins has invested heavily in building process that leads to great results for our clients – fewer problems for them and us to worry about. A reactive network service provider might like the predictability that comes from process, but they typically can’t afford to make the investment necessary as it doesn’t bring them any more revenue to offset the cost.

Lastly, Smart Dolphins provides these network support services for a fixed monthly fee; this further stabilizes the experience for our customers. There are no scary months where a couple large, unexpected tech support requirements send the IT support costs through the roof. Furthermore, we are able to establish a plan for the future of our clients’ computer network and an associated IT budget with each client, allowing future costs to be well known in advance.

Smart Dolphins provides predictable IT Solutions. Our Managed Services promise high levels of investment in efficiency tools, well developed process, stable costs, and drastically improved IT infrastructure.

Give us a call today (250-721-2499) and we can discuss how our approach can offer you a predictable IT service experience.