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Lower Costs

Smart Dolphins’ IT Support can lower the costs for most Victoria businesses that depend on their computer network.

How do we do that?

Before we answer that, let’s identify the various costs related to the IT systems for a company:

  • There are the costs related to downtime – lost business, frustration and stress.
  • Similarly, there are the opportunity costs from unnecessary technology problems or just a lack of knowing what is possible.
  • There are risks that have a price tag.
  • The capital costs of acquiring the necessary hardware and software that make up your computer network
  • There are the costs related to the labour that is spent on implementing IT systems and ongoing network support.

Unfortunately, when business people make decisions about their IT Solutions, they focus on the more tangible costs – the vendor costs. The rest of the costs listed above are more intangible and tough to quantify. They often simply look for who will charge the least and ignore how those IT Support people might lower their overall costs.Victoria Managed IT Solutions Of course, if labour/vendor cost was the only criteria, you wouldn’t need anyone – you wouldn’t spend a dime. But there are obvious, tangible needs that everyone knows need servicing: a lost connection, a server down or a smoking computer. Everyone knows there is some “cost to doing business” here.

The optimal IT Solution would factor in all the above costs in a way that minimizes them. The rub, however, is to realize the minimum cost, you need to spend more  to do the things that will lower the total costs of the computer network. Proactive IT Support takes process, skilled people, tools, time and money. Most know that changing their car’s oil makes more sense than buying a new motor every few years. The same logic exists to spending a bit more now on your IT for the sake of the future of a computer network.

Smart Dolphins has the right people, using the right tools, performing the right tasks that result in reducing the total costs related to IT Systems, usually drastically.

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