Pod Pointer

It seems everyone takes pictures with their smartphones these days.  Between my wife and I we take at least 30 shots a week.  Did you know that you can make your life just a little easier by changing how you take these pictures?
Please, read on.

On the iPhone, normally you would line up your shot and then tap the picture taking button.  The process of tapping that button shakes the camera a little bit – causing a fuzzy image.  Well, no more!

What you can do is:

  • Line up your shot, press the picture taking button and just hold it.
  • Make sure your shot is just right, then simply remove your thumb from the button.  The camera will then shoot.
  • No fuzzy pictures, no tapping – just a slight move of your thumb.

No more beauts like this one

This delicious tip serves well with last week’s smartphone tip.

Happy picture taking!