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MFI Testimonial

Nick Mason, Director of Marketing and IT of Megson Fitzpatrick shares his testimony of Smart Dolphins IT Solutions.

Megson FitzPatrick was founded in 1968. Their core purpose is to improve the lives of their “Clients, Team & Community.” To submit an online a quote or for a list of locations, please visit their website at: www.megsonfitzpatrick.com

Read more Customer testimonials at: www.smartdolphins.com/about/clients-partners/

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Dolphin Ditty: Using Quickbooks to Store Digital Documents

Follow along with Smart Dolphins’ Controller, Mariola Czerkawska and learn about the benefits of using Quickbooks to store digital documents.

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Dolphin Ditty: Top 3 Twitter Tips

Follow along with Paul Holmes, Technology Ambassador at Smart Dolphins and co-founder of Canada’s largest Social Media Conference. Learn Paul’s top 3 Twitter tips.

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Dolphin Ditty: File Recovery

Learn how to use previous versions to recover your files by Andrew Rivett.

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Dolphin Ditty: Outlook Tasks

Follow along with Mariola to learn why and how to use outlook email tasks.

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Dolphin Ditty: Part 4

Get smarter with your online password use with a password manager by Cam Oltmann.

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Dolphin Ditty: Safe Computing Habits

Learn some basic safe computing habits by Ty Hedden.

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Dolphin Ditty: Adding a New Mailbox to your Outlook

A brief tutorial on how to add a new mailbox to your Outlook account by Andrew Sureshkumar.

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Dolphin Ditty: Passwords: The Second Problem

Learn about the second problem concerning online passwords by Cam Oltmann.

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Dolphin Ditty: Configuring your Email on your iPhone

Follow along to learn how to set-up your email on your iPhone. Presented by Meghan McEachern.

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