Over-Investing in IT Support

We previously mentioned that an organization can be of an awkward size where they hire full-time IT support, but really don’t have enough work for this person. With an IT employee, a company might hire more technology labour than they really require, leading to an over-investment.

IT Employee versus Outsourced IT – Part 4

Over-investing in IT infrastructure is actually not a huge problem — as long as that over-investment is recognized and managed as such. Without that recognition, you might find yourself in these two common situations that generally don’t end well:

1. The employee feels the need to show their value by appearing busy. This can evolve into a lot of “make work” projects. We’ve seen more than one siuation where a small organization has paid dearly to have their IT person painstakingly create reams of relatively-useless technical documentation (nearly all of which could be collected automatically with the right tools) and/or “automate” the environment using scripts and customized solutions that only he/she understands. Sometimes these things happen from pure boredom — IT people like a challenge and the opportunity to learn. Idle hands…

2. The employee ends up with additional responsibilities outside of leading and maintaining the IT infrastructure that distract them from doing their core job. The end result is often that the person can only get to the IT fires and is never able to get ahead of things.

Smart Dolphins is incentivized to optimize the amount of labour needed to lead and manage each of our clients’ networks effectively. We don’t ask our clients for any additional fees if we spend more time on their network than necessary — in short, we don’t have idle hands. We also aren’t going to take on extracurricular activities like our clients’ external-facing client support, sales or whatever might draw that internal employee’s “spare” capacity.
We focus on doing our tasks well for our clients, and optimize the labour needed to do it.

Are you worried your internal IT employee has “made work” or become overly distracted? I’d be happy to discuss whether or not it would make sense for us to assess your situation. Give me a call.