It was heavy, square, and obscenely over priced.

I vividly recall my family’s first cellular phone, the Nokia 101. The year was 1993,

This Hour Has 22 Minutes had just premiered on CBC, and Prince was changing his name to a symbol. Texting was not in our vocabulary, and those few people with an email address could not imagine sending an email from their phone.

This thing was a phone; it was only a phone. There were no apps, or GPS. No games, or listening to your most recent mp3 purchases. Referring to such a device as a cellular phone was bang on. Nevertheless, this incredible device left an impression on me. I wanted one.

Nearly 20 years later and I don’t have a cell phone. However, I never leave home without my iPhone.

“But Ty, you just said you don’t have a cell phone, what gives?”

Let me explain. I take care of email, read my favourite technology blogs, watch tv, and even control our computers at home through my IPhone. However, the one thing I do least of all is make phone calls. In fact, I almost never use it as a phone, and I spend a lot, and I mean A LOT of time on that thing. When I do make calls it is VOIP which bypasses regular cellular voice networks anyway. My cell phone is anything but a phone.

The way we use these devices has shifted radically. Current generation cell phones have more in common with PC’s than their cell phone ancestors.  The productivity that can be gained here is huge. An office in your pocket is a powerful thing.

How do use your have a cellular phone?