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Supercharge your IT with Smart Dolphins…

Tune in and learn about Technology with Porpoise. Serving BC organizations for 17 years.

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6 Years of Tech Tips
6 Years of Tech Tips

Credit Guy Davis and Davis Stewart

Happy anniversary Pod Pointers! Six years ago today, our tech tip blog was born. We’ve shared tech tips on everything from network security to business continuity to productivity apps and more. We’ve produced over 150 Pod Pointers.

How do we do it? Every other week, Dolphins produce short tech tip summaries. We review, edit and send them out via email and post it to our blog.

What was our all-time most popular Pod Pointer?

When switching away from an iPhone, don’t forget to unregister. Proudly produced by our Podfather, Dave Monahan on Feb 14 2014.

Thanks to all of our Dolfans for opening up your bi-weekly tech tips email and following our tech tip blog. Cheers to many more years!

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What is WannaCry?

What is WannaCry?WannaCry is a new ransomware that uses links to execute code which infects the local computer.

You’ll receive an email that looks legitimate, but has a link to malware instead. Once this ransomware has infected a computer on the network, it will attempt to spread to other computers.

We would like to remind every computer user to be extra careful with any email that you receive. Always check the from address to ensure that an email is from who it advertises it is from. By far the best way to protect against ransomware like Cryptolocker and ” WannaCry ” is for your users to be hypervigilant when it comes to opening any email attachments.

Please take a few minutes to discuss this virus with your co-workers to ensure that everyone is aware of the risk and ensure extra diligence is practiced.

Read more about ” WannaCry ” online at the Naked Security blog.

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Outstanding Workplace of the Year Nomination

Outstanding Workplace of the Year Nomination 1

We’re thrilled to announce our selection as the winner of the 2017 Greater Victoria Business Award in the Outstanding Workplace of the Year category!

“Smart Dolphins is a rare place. Everybody here absolutely loves their jobs, the company, and the atmosphere,” says Jesse Smith, Operations Manager of Smart Dolphins.

Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith, Operations Manager

“I have to constantly remind myself not to take it for granted. We’re all invested in building something great and love where the company is going.”

Our workplace culture is outstanding. Here’s a list of some contributing factors:

  • RRSP matching
  • Health trust plan for Dolphins and family
  • Smart Dolphins car share
  • CrewHu (employee recognition) allowance
  • Power nap room, fully equipped kitchen and FreeFlow coffee
  • Laptops and mobiles
  • Kindle library
  • Professional development
  • Co-working space for Westshore Dolphins
  • Stand-up, sit-down desks

But, our workplace culture goes way beyond this list of “job perks.” We truly recognize one another. We share knowledge, participate in quarterly peer reviews, motivate one another to create and meet goals, celebrate our birthdays and anniversaries and more.

More important than anything else is our dedication. Every Dolphin is committed to our five core values.

Embody Extreme Ownership

Always Be Growing

Show Dorsal Pride

Bring Energy and Positivity

Do the Right Thing

We’re really grateful to have had the opportunity to showcase our workplace at the Chamber’s annual business award event. Special thanks to our clients, who have made a huge contribution to both our growth and success.

Did you know that we’re recruiting a network admin? If you think you’d be a good fit for Smart Dolphins, check out our job listing.

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Kelowna meet Danny

Did you know that Smart Dolphins is open for business in Kelowna? When we first saw the Dolphin sculpture, we knew that Kelowna was a Dolphin-friendly town. We can’t wait to move into our new aquatic-themed office on Dolphin Ave.

But, enough about Dolphins! Meet the talent behind our Kelowna team: Danny Tew. Danny has been with Smart Dolphins just shy of a year. He has over a decade of IT experience and a Bachelor of Science from DeVry University with a specialization in network and communications.

Kelowna IT Support

Danny Tew, Kelowna IT Manager

Since Danny manages our Kelowna location and we don’t get to see him at every head office function in Victoria, we decided to save up for a telepresence robot “RoboDanny.” Currently, Danny spends too much time on a large screen. As RoboDanny aka RTewD2, he’ll be able to move around the Victoria office. Robots are not just for big corporations!

Fun fact: Danny is from Florida and has a deep southern accent.

Our Kelowna, BC Managed IT support services include: Backup and disaster recovery, network services, security software, IT consulting and more. Contact us to schedule an assessment today!

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From vCIO to Business Technology Navigator
Paul Holmes

Paul Holmes

We’ve been working on re-branding some of our roles at Smart Dolphins and we wanted to share this exciting news with you. Our vCIOs are now Business Technology Navigators.

What’s a Business Technology Navigator?

Smart Dolphins’ Business Technology Navigators translate and con­nect technology with business strategies. They work closely with company leaders, planning, budgeting and developing IT strategy with the overall goal of aligning IT with business goals.

Ty Hedden

Ty Hedden

Here’s a list of  their most important responsibilities:

  • Create a strategic IT plan
  • Hold annual technology reviews
  • Create and present budgets
  • Quote hardware and software
  • Identify and propose projects

Smart Dolphins’ Business Technology Navigator role gives organizations the much needed technology strategy every business needs to compete, grow and succeed.

Think of a Business Technology Navigator not as a technician, but as a trusted business consultant, aligning your business objectives with your IT plan.

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We Made the MSP Pioneer 250 List!

CRN MSP 500 ListYesterday, CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, named Smart Dolphins IT Solutions on its 2017 Managed Service Provider (MSP) 500 list in the Pioneer category. This annual list recognizes North American solution providers with cutting-edge approaches to delivering managed services. Their offerings help companies navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of IT, improve operational efficiencies, and maximize their return on IT investments. More specifically, the Pioneer category recognizes organizations “whose approach to delivering managed services is one innovative step ahead.”

In today’s fast-paced business environments, MSPs play an important role in helping companies leverage new technologies without straining their budgets or losing focus on their core business. CRN’s MSP 500 list shines a light on the most forward-thinking and innovative of these key organizations.

“Managed service providers play an increasingly important role in the day-to-day operations of businesses across North America,” said Robert Faletra, CEO of The Channel Company. “MSPs help organizations streamline their spending, effectively allocate limited resources, and benefit from advanced expertise in the latest technologies. We congratulate the service providers on CRN’s 2017 MSP500 list, who have continually succeeded in meeting their customers’ changing needs and help them get the most out of their IT investments.”

Way to go POD!

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Our Podtionary

PodtionaryYou’ve probably seen our smart cars with fins cruising around Victoria or maybe even met a Dolphin or two over the years. Not surprisingly, our references to one particular aquatic mammal doesn’t stop there. We’ve developed an entire PODTIONARY and we thought we’d share some of it with you…

  • All Fins – A bi-weekly meeting with all Dolphins.
  • Team Aquarific – Our internal team that leads our fun activities.
  • Dolphin Defenders – This is one of our proactive teams. These brave Dolphins have regularly scheduled onsite visits with our clients to bring them into alignment with our standards.
  • The Dolphin Code – Our “Code of Conduct” that guides us to success.
  • The POD – That’s us! We’re the passionate, dedicated group of people all focused on helping local organizations better leverage technology.
  • Dorsal Pride – one of our 5 core values that just too magical to define.
  • Technology with Porpoise – That’s the world class standard that we offer our clients.
  • Breakwater – Our service platform design to improve our customer service experience.
  • Finley – Our mascot. You’ll find him in most of our branding.
  • Pod Pointers – Our tech tip email newsletter created by our own Dolphins since May 25 2011. Subscribe to it here.
  • Core Dolphins Award – A bi-weekly award that goes out to the Dolphin that receives the most praise by fellow Dolphins.


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Why Outsource your IT?
IT. Here’s the top 4 reasons we think you should consider:
Smart Dolphins

Productivity. Productivity. Productivity.

Smart Dolphins help professionals be productive. Whether we’re implementing a new software or upgrading technology, our goal is to help your organization be successful.  With our IT solutions, we can get your employees out of the day-to-day IT management, so that they can focus on what they do best. 

Save Time

You can save time with IT outsourcing. The POD is made up of professionals who know how to do things quickly and efficiently. You won’t be the one responsible for these tasks anymore, so you can focus your time on what matters.

Save Money

Cost is always the biggest issue we hear about when it comes to IT. So many professionals we meet with have no idea what their IT costs are. We’ll sit down with you and help you understand how you can save money by strategically aligning your IT with your business goals.

More Services

When you outsource your IT, you get more services. We become your IT department. One common misunderstanding is that Managed IT Service Providers are simply an IT support desk. But our IT support desk is just one of five areas of service delivery. We lead organizations out of IT mediocrity by delivering a complete range of proactive IT services.

 Want to learn more? Let’s meet for coffee. Contact us today for an assessment.

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The Smart Dolphins Service Desk

The service desk is the most familiar area of the IT support business. A client contacts a service desk representative when they perceive a need, usually when something is broken or when there is a change in the business (i.e. a new computer is added to the network for a new hire). The mission of the Smart Dolphins service desk is to provide quality and comprehensive reactive support for our client’s IT challenges. It is just one of our five service delivery areas.

The Service Desk team is organized so that it can handle a large volume of “tickets” in an efficient and friendly manner. Customers can call and have their call answered by a real person or they can choose to email or electronically submit their problem through “Breakwater.” Breakwater allows our clients to create new service requests, attach screenshots, upload files, view their service history and more. It’s a service software designed to improve the overall customer experience.

Once a ticket has been submitted, it is then assigned to the appropriate technician and the client is notified. The technician follows up, troubleshoots and resolves the issue.

The success of our reactive team is determined by key metrics, such as tickets closed and our customer satisfaction score (CSAT). We receive very high feedback scores, which is a challenge given the nature of the work.

This team is also responsible for helping the proactive roles identify systemic problems and patterns to ongoing issues so that the root problems can be corrected by our proactive functions.

Service Desk

Daniel, Chad and Ross

Our service desk is made up of three tiers:

Triage/Level 1 Technical Support – Ross Speirs

Level 2 Technical Support – Danny Tew, Daniel Knippshild, Werner Baron

Level 3 Technical Support – Chad Ryan

There is no limit or additional costs associated to how much our Support Team is called on. You can even call the Dolphins up for “How To” questions!

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