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Clients & Partners

Clients & Partners

We’re too humble to tell you how perfect we are, so we slyly asked our clients to do that for us: 


“…Smart Dolphins have also been extremely valuable in guiding the future of our technology. They really spent the time necessary to get to know our organization’s needs and I have great confidence in the solutions they’ve provided to make our organization more effective and efficient.”

Patti Hunter - Kidsport Victoria

“As we began to grow the demand for IT services and support also grew to the point that our engineer could not support the growth of our network as well as keeping up with their engineering work. We decided to invite a few local companies to submit proposals and the professionalism and detail of the Smart Dolphins proposal and their positive referrals impressed us…Now that our IT infrastructure is more stable, secured, backed-up and supported by the Smart Dolphins we feel comfortable that we have a good base to grow from. I look forward to working with the Smart Dolphins so that Triton can focus on growing our core business while they help us maintain and grow our IT Infrastructure to support our growth.”

Tony Melli - Triton Resources Inc.

” We have trusted [Smart Dolphins] with all of our technology and data needs for the past ten years; and that has proven to be a great business decision for us. Our experience has been that they offer a superior product and deliver it with outstanding professionalism and customer service. As the industry grows and evolves so do they.”

Victoria Shannon - Hansbraun Investments

“[Smart Dolphins] take control of your IT and it’s taken control of in such a healthy way…They look at the big picture, so it’s not about putting out fires all of the time. It’s not about reacting to all of the day-to-day stuff…It’s more about taking a step back and thinking about where we’re going as an organization, how we’re growing, our strategic direction and aligning what they can do to help us reach our goals. That’s just not something you get with every IT provider. ”

Nick Mason - Megson Fitzpatrick

“I have been very impressed with Smart Dolphins’ level of service over the last 10 years. I highly recommend them for any business looking to improve its IT Systems.”

Scott Farquhar - Pearlman Lindholm

“We are delighted with the work done by Smart Dolphins.  Many things are working much better in our new space, which Ty set up quite expertly!  Any support we’ve needed has been answered quickly and professionally.” 

Aina Adashynski - BCACC