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Smart Dolphins is a provider of award winning computer support and networking for businesses in the Greater Victoria area and elsewhere on Vancouver Island.

How do we provide IT support?

What can we tell you about our computer support? Well, we could use a bunch of fancy technology words to tell you how we support computer networks, but we don’t want to bore you with our specific Server Maintenance, Best Practices and detailed technical description of our standard backup solution. Do you care? The important thing is to understand what we do, not the gory details of how we do it. If you were buying a cake, would you decide which to buy based on the list of ingredients and baking methods or simply by the look of the cake? So, let’s simply have a look at our cake.

Smart Dolphins creates a partnership with each of our customers (cliché, yes, but critical) and then we utilize our intimate understanding of their organizations to lead them to do more with less through innovative solutions, focusing on technology consulting and computer support. We take responsibility for and apply our expertise to computer networks and free our customer to spend their time and energy on their own area of specialty within their business. The “cake” you are buying is peace of mind while minimizing the total cost of your computer network.

Do you still want to know more specifics of what we do (the ingredients)? We can sell and install a new computer network from the ground up, we can tweak an existing network and/or we can simply serve to keep computers (in particular Servers) behaving nicely. We install, configure and troubleshoot both hardware and software. We take on big IT projects or answer the smallest of help desk type questions. And we like to think we do “a whole lot more”!

Fit is critical when choosing your network support company. You don’t want any old generalist computer support company. You want an IT specialist that is right for YOUR company.

A Smart Dolphins partnership is best suited for organizations that need to leverage their computer network. The ultimate litmus test for fit is how painful it is for an organization to go without their computer network for any significant amount of time? If that would be excruciating, Smart Dolphins is likely a good match as we provide computer support that is specifically designed to minimize  the pain caused by computer network “down time”. You say, “But our organization has weird software or hardware and so we need an IT specialist that knows our specific industry!” While we do not focus exclusively on any vertical markets, over time we have appeared to be IT specialists to many industries, such as the following:

  • Professionals (Accountants, Lawyers, Insurance companies etc)
  • Medical (Doctors, Dentists, etc)
  • Technology (Engineering, Hi Tech)
  • Property Management
  • Travel Agencies
  • Non-Profits

You see, “weird hardware or software” is never weird to us. We like to think that if you’ve seen one “line-of-business” software application, you’ve seen them all. And while we don’t want to suggest that we are going to debug or reprogram your vendor’s software, we can say that we can be an IT specialist between you and your software vendor; this can add a lot of value to our network support relationship. We can add so much value that your software vendors often will end up referring us new network support business. Our technology consulting results a stable computer network that allows the vendor’s software solution to shine. Hence, we have evolved to look like the IT specialist in many industries.