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Smart Security

Kaspersky Labs recently reported a 17.7% global increase in ransomware between April 2015 and March 2016. This steady spread and rapid evolution of ransomware means businesses today require a multi-layered approach to IT security.

What security essentials does your organization have in place?

Smart Security

Weak IT security increases your organizations’ network to risks which can result in:

  • Downtime (lost business, frustration and stress);
  • Costly, disaster recovery plans;
  • Lost customers or valuable employees due to IT hassles;
  • Data loss;
  • Breach of privacy and;
  • Litigation.

Managed service providers can help organizations prevent ransomware. But it’s equally important that businesses and their employees remain educated on what to look out for in a ransomware attack.

Want to learn more about the Smart Dolphins approach to network security? Download a white paper or join us for a lunch and learn.

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