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Edit PDF files with Word 2013

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Did you know you can edit (most) PDFs in Word 2013?

– Just right click on the PDF and click Open with and then Word.

– Word will ask you if you would like to convert the PDF to an editable format.

Edit PDF with Word

You can then make adjustments and save it as any regular Word format, or back to PDF.

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Pomodoro Productivity
Pomodoro Productivity ( 29 Nov,2016 )
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  • Great Article! I mostly use PDFfiller to upload my DOC files and convert it to fillable PDF forms. It also allows you to erase in a pdf, esign, efax, add logos, pics to pdfs, etc. Its pretty easy to use and its pretty cheap. I think you can get a free week if you and a friend both register. Here’s the link (http://goo.gl/wGJjjp)

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