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What mattered?

What mattered?

A short blog today. Don’t let the quantity fool you.

It is the end of the week so I have a question for you (and for myself) to ponder as you reflect back on the week: what did you do that mattered this week? And when I say matter, I mean, stuff that will still have an impact on the world a year (or even a week) from now?

We are all very busy and we all do critically important stuff. Too bad these gems are buried in a bunch of stuff that doesn’t REALLY matter.

So, with that thought, what will you do next week that will matter? What will you decide not to do because you read this?

Have a great weekend!

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  • Awesome. And next week?

    Of course, my point is the importance of filtering out all the stuff that doesn’t matter. By necessity of only having 24 hours in a day, you are obviously good there.

    I could use some work at this at the moment (hence why I chose this topic). For example, I currently have about 200 email in my inbox (I really shouldn’t admit that publicly), and I’d guess 5-20 “matter”.

  • Took another step towards helping local schools with tech in the class. http://www.viatec.ca/blog/2011/06/staying-canadas-smartest-city
    Met with some highly qualified job seekers looking for the right opp in Tectoria.
    Met with the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism, and Innovation about policy priorities.
    Participated in the City of Victoria’s Economic Development public forums.
    Represented Tectoria at the BCTIA awards.
    Developed more plans for a new Tech showcase this fall.
    Came to terms for a new MOU between VIATeC TEC.
    Met with two new members and the new Dean of Trades and Tech form Camosun.
    Answered dozens of questions about the VIATeC Awards and how much we were charged for all those broken glasses during the big finale…the answer is, we don’t know yet 🙂

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