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Pod Pointer – “Start” Searching


It’s a magical box that knows exactly what you’re looking for – be it a program, a file, a contact, or even an upcoming appointment in your calendar.  And it aint hard to use either:

  • Click on the Start button
  • Start typing what you are looking for

Wow…that was pretty complicated to explain.  And probably even way more complicated to execute. 🙂

And how do you customize what results show up?

  • Click on the Start button
  • Type Indexing Options and click on Indexing Options in the results box
  • You’ll see what parts of your computer are being indexed.  Click on Modify to make changes

I’ll try to make the next tip a much easier one…I promise.

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  • I showed this to my sister yesterday who recently got a new computer with Windows 7. Her response was….so they want to make it even easier to use a computer because they think you are dumb? To which I replied, no! It is to make your life easier! Why click 5 levels deep to change one setting on your mouse when you can just click start type in “Mouse” and all the settings are a single click away.

    I think I changed her point of view 🙂

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